Monday, March 15, 2010

It Starts with Self.

The :function: of this blog is to publically state my philosophies of life and education, and to display my daily evidence coherently.

My vague title: It Starts with Self. What is Self the begining of? And, exactly what is "Self?"

My belief and experience has been that once you establish a consistant perception of yourself, you can determine the rest of your life. My self-perception is always developing if I am living truly to myself. To that end, my life is never determined and always evolving. If you want to change your life, change your self.

Self is the way you understand the world. Self is the life that you have created and the connections with people that you have. Self is also your understanding of these connections.


I recently heard Reverend Margaret Palagye speak at a Science of Mind church service. Her message was "Living a Life of Success." She described the individual person as micro-divinity and the universe as macro-divinity.

This tells us that we have access to an unlimited source of energy. We are as powerful as we allow ourselves to be. Everyday I have to wake up and remind myself that I am an equal to everyone I meet with no exceptions. There is nothing like the experience of an equal human connection.


My Understanding of Connections with People:

My understanding is that if you allow these connections to be strong enough, you can become one with the people and energies that surround you. There is a strong awareness that comes with this, and it can be an incredibley peaceful experience. Becoming omniperceptive is an achievable goal. I understand now that I am just as capable as any other human being, depending only on my belief in myself.


My desire is that this blog will help me articulate my thoughts, so that I can more effectively share them with the people I encounter. I am hoping that I use this as an intellectual outlet, as well as a means to connect with people that have similar beliefs.

I hope to discuss relationships, spirituality, will-power v. higher power, communication, education, and philosophy. Where these topics will lead me, I have no idea.


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